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About us

Qingdao Farmington Poultry Technology Co. LTD is the subsidiary company of Qingdao Huahai Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. The company adopts advanced foreign technology and manufacturing processes. In order to become a modern company that provides professional services, the company has introduced a set of automated livestock and poultry breeding equipment, focusing on design, development, manufacturing, installation and sales service.  

The company brings in foreign technology, specializing in researching, developing, producing and selling a full set of automated layer and broiler chicken cage equipment. Moreover, the company has domestic first-class poultry rearing machinery, including 9TLD ladder type automatic laying hens breeding equipment; 9CLD laminated automaticlaying hens breeding equipment; and 9CLR laminated automatic broiler cage breeding equipment. All of this advanced and automatic equipment has a long service life. In addition, a high density per unit area and simple operation reduce breeding costs significantly.  

The equipment and environmental control facilities can effectively isolate the external environment pollution, and at the same time efficiently solve technical problems, such as ventilation. It guarantees the survival rate of chickens and reduces chicken drug dosage, thereby effectively controlling drug residues and improving the health level of the entire crowd. The company’s poultry equipment is exported to overseas, and enjoys a good reputation with customers at home and abroad.  

Qingdao Farmington Poultry Technology Co. LTD received an invested of 25 million RMB at its first phase, including an investment of 10 million RMB in equipment. The company has developed a series of production supporting processing equipment including a complete set of internationally advanced automatic welding network production lines and automatic CNC machining equipment. The processing and production capacity of the equipment has a strong competitive edge in the peer manufacturing industry.  

The company insists on the principle of “being people-oriented, putting the right man in the right place and technical innovation promoting development,” and works hard to provide high-quality equipment and a scientific and reasonable planning layout.

Farmington Factory

Huahai Headquarters
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